Dyson vacuum

Although we will focus on Dyson vacuum cleaners, it’s good to know that Dyson Ltd also designs and manufactures hair driers, hand dryers, bladeless fans and heaters. Its founder is Sir James Dyson, a British inventor.

dyson vacuum


His story with vacuum cleaners began in ’74 when he became frustrated with a Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner because it became clogged quickly and lost suction over time. This sparked his interest for developing a better vacuum cleaner that would work more efficiently. While visiting a local sawmill, Dyson observed how sawdust was removed from the air by industrial cyclones. He thought that he could apply the same principle in a vacuum cleaner. The result of this was the creation of the first vacuum cleaner without a bag.

Today, Dyson sells products in over 65 countries around the globe. The business has grown from one man to a technology company with over 1000 engineers.


Some well known models of Dyson vacuum cleaners:

  • Dyson V6
  • Dyson V6 Absolute
  • Dуѕоn DC58
  • Dуѕоn DC44 Anіmаl
  • Dyson DC35 Stісk