Shark Vacuum

A good vacuum cleaner can make the chore of cleaning your house a lot easier than it sounds and even fun. We will guide you through the process of choosing which one best suits your needs and why you should consider buying a Shark vacuum.


Shape and size

With powerful suction, a tilt and push design and bagged and bagless abound, these traditional floor cleaners do back-and-forth cleaning with ease.

shark vacuum - upright



They’re standouts for deep-cleaning carpeting. You should look for a vacuum that has an adjustable brush in case you have rugs of different thicknesses or wish to use the vacuum on laminated floors. You could also consider a cordless model but keep in mind that the batteries may not last enough for a marathon cleaning session.



Uprights aren’t as versatile as canister vacuums since they generally have fewer attachments, and may be heavier to pull and push than a canister’s nozzle.  While edge-to-edge suction is good, you might need an attachment to get into tight corners.

Comprised of a tank with a long hose, these powerful vacuums come with a good variety of attachments.

shark vacuum - canister



Cleaning and dusting just about anything. The motorized brush head can clear carpets of debris, while the bare-floor attachment tackles just that. With the other attachments you can take the dust off your furniture, curtains, walls, and ceiling corners with ease. Their compact bodies and long hoses make them especially well-suited for cleaning stairs.



Dragging the canister around behind you may be a nuisance if you have large rooms, and lugging it up and down stairs usually requires two hands. They can also be bulky to store.

These slim, lightweight models use a rotating brush and light suction to whisk debris into an dustbin or bag. Their slender heads can get around furniture with ease.

shark vacuum - stick



Stick vacuums are significantly smaller, lighter and easier to move around than their counterparts. Their small frame makes them very easy to store. Another key benefit is that most stick vacuum models make little noise. This reduces the chance of disturbing your neighbors or pets.



While handy, their cleaning ability cannot compete with the more powerful deeper clean of a full-size vacuum. Cordless models offer more freedom of movement, but battery life is often too short for a full house clean.

Small vacuums designed to be grab-and-go, hand vacuums are lightweight and portable. They can be corded and cordless and with or without rotating brushes.

shark vacuum - handheld



You can use them to clear away crumbs and dirt on tables, floors, car interiors, tight corners, and much more. Some of the handheld models come with a car adapter but you can also consider a cordless model with a decent battery life. One key benefit is that these little devices are the most affordable vacuum cleaners by having surprisingly small prices.



They’re a replacement for a dustpan and brush, not a full-size vacuum loaded with on-board attachments. However, many sport small crevice tools and dusting brushes.

These cool cordless machines map your floors and go back and forth to sweep (or maybe wet clean your floor) with no effort form you, not even to supervise them. They can be controlled by remote but they reach their full potential when they are programmed to clean when you aren’t home.

robotic vacuum cleaner



The robot vacuum’s key aspect is that it can be successfully used for touch-ups even when you’re not home. These models can get under the furniture, into the areas you may overlook and never miss a spot. Also, they can do the cleaning on their own without your supervision.



Their cleaning power can’t compare to that of a full-size vacuum cleaner. You have to pick up the obstacles in the room before starting the vacuum. If it finds a lot of obstacles, it may not do the job at its best potential. Another downside is that most robotic vacuum cleaner models are quite expensive.



shark vacuum paper bag



Bagged vacuum cleaners do a better job when it comes to containing and disposing of fine dust, allergens and dirt so they are recommended for people with allergies. The bags are easy to replace, you just take off the bag, throw it into the trash and replace it with an empty and clean one.



The most obvious downside is the need to constantly buy new bags which can be quite pricey. Another thing is that as the bag fills, the sucking power of the vacuum will slowly decrease. That is the only indicator that the bag should be replaced and there is no other way to check that.

shark vacuum dust container



The most important advantage is that you don’t need to buy bags or replace the container in any way. This can save you money and is also friendly to the environment. Most containers are transparent so it’s easy to see when they need to be emptied. Also, by seeing the dirt piling up inside the container, you get a sense of accomplishment.



The only downside is that you are exposed to the dust when you empty the container.



corded shark vacuum cleaner

Corded vacuums are more powerful than their cordless counterparts and are better suited for vacuum cleaning hard floors and sucking pet hair. They usually have a bigger dust containers and come in a variety of sizes and prices so you can definitely find one that suits your budget.

cordless shark vacuum cleaner

The obvious characteristic of these models is that you are not restricted by cord length or proximity to power sockets whenever you wish to vacuum clean your floors and you don’t need to bend your back as often as when you’re using a corded model. Cordless models are also lighter so they’re very well suited for people with back problems.  They’re handy and easy to use so instead of doing a big clean every week or so, it’s easy to get a cordless machine out to do quick spot cleans whenever you need. You can clean stairs and car interiors in a blink of an eye.

On the downside, these models are not cheap and you have to consider whether the battery life is long enough for a usual cleanup. Keep in mind that all batteries lose some of their charging capacity over time.


Top 5 best Shark vacuum cleaners

NameCustomer RatingAmazon Link
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vaccum Cleaner(NV356)4.4 out of 5
Certified Refurbished Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultralight Swivel Vacuum, Blue HV3004.3 out of 5
Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional (Certified Refurbished)4.5 out of 5
Shark NV358 Navigator Lift Away Professional Upright Vacuum4.5 out of 5
Certified Refurbished Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra Light Vacuum 4.3 out of 5